Still making the switch from Presenter '09 to Presenter '13

Feb 25, 2014

In '09 there was a way to control slide navigation. A way to make people view all the slides in order. A way to allow them to look back in the series without allowing them to look forward.

I realize that this may not be the best Learning Design, but it is what the client wants. I used to be able to allow users to scroll quickly through a slide, which gave them a feeling of control. I'd like to do that again if it is possible.

How does one do that in '13? I tried "LOCK' in Slide Properties, but that stopped navigation entirely. I could play one slide over and over, but I could neither go to the next slide or go to the previous slide.

Thanks, JP

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Jeff ("JP") Redman

Thank you for the help.

I am curious and a bit concerned that '13 has, it seems, made so many things that used to be project specific part of the player (Resources is there too).
It seems as if it will mean that when a designer has two different projects using the same player going at the same time, that they will have to fiddle with the player every time they publish a project.

Is this what we have to do now?


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