Strange - presenter 13 audio previews fine but in LMS is silent

I have one presentation that seems to have a strange behavior.  The problem has occurred repeatedly 1/2 dozen times.  It started in powerpoint so I managed it after in presenter 13.  The audio keeps disappearing when published, but when previewed is fine.  view the imported audio it's fine.  go publish to LMS and upload the zip file, and no audio in it.  ????   this every happen to anybody? 

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Ali Goulet

Hey Cheryl,

So sorry that's happening-- that does seem odd!

Have you tried testing it out in SCORM Cloud to see if the same thing happens there? That'll give us a good indication of whether it's file related or something happening within your LMS.

If you'd like to share your Articulate Package source files for your course, I'm also happy to do some testing with it! You can add it as an attachment right to a comment in this thread.

Keep me posted! ☺️