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Apr 21, 2013

The videos in my course (Presenter) take too long to load. How do I get Presenter to accept .ASF or .WMV files instead of .flv, .swf or .mpeg files.

Thanks for your help.


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David Anderson

Hi Juergen and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Presenter supports flv, swf and mp4 videos. Other types will need to be converted before inserting. There's no way around it other than to insert your .wmv files as Web Objects which really isn't the best approach.

What I think we should look at is why your videos are taking so long to load. Can you share a little more info around the videos you're using and how you're processing them (how large, dimensions, method for compressing)?


Juergen Ahlmann

Good morning David,

as an example: The Video Clip is basically a Mercedes Benz commercial but it covers the required subject. The video is captured from and converted with Wondershare Video Converter Platinum to an .flv file which is inserted as Flash Movie. The final size is: 110,126KB

Here are the settings:

Basic Youtube Downloader used to download videos from Youtube.

WonderShare Video - Audio Profile Conversion Settings

Encoder: FLV Video
Resolution: 640x480
Frame Rate: 29.97fps
Bit Rate: 1500 kbps

Encoder: Mp3 Audio
Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
Channel: 2 Channels Stereo
Bit Rate: 256 kbps

Here is a link:

Thanks for your help.


Dwayne Schamp

I'm not sure your course is the issue. As you have an unknown at the other end of the pipe, the issues you state are most likely due to end user speed issues and not your course.

I'll try this from home tonight and let you know what I see.

FYI: I have a 26-30 Mbps cable connection at home. I also know that after some data mining that most end users have only 1-7 Mbps as that is the average in the US, and then usually multiple users online at any time which will slow down the in-home speed.

Dwayne Schamp

So after reviewing the course from the link, i did not see any issues with buffering. I played the video from Youtube and they both started with video/audio at the 3 sec mark. 

I downloaded the video from youtube using a program called YouTube Downloader (free basic version). The file downloaded to an FLV format and was only 24meg, but I see yours is 110meg. I suggest trying this program and see what your size comes out too and if that version is acceptable. I did notice the version on youtube was pretty poor quality to start with, so there are some issues if you want to force the 640x480 output.

One way to lower the file size is to adjust the audio quality. As there is no voice over, I don't think you need to have the audio at cd quality. You might want to downgrade to 22khz, mono. And i'm confused as to why you have an MP3 audio file when the audio should be embedded in the FLV file?

About your last message: My assumption is that YouTube has huge bandwidth to dump videos to the world. I'm sure the GoDaddy server you have is not at the same level, which is why users are reporting that. It's not really a fair comparison.

Hope this helps.

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