Studio 9 - Internet Issue

I use Articulate Studio 9 to develop learning products.  I published a presentation and uploaded it to my Development server using FileZila.  I typed in the URL for the training product and only got the Articulate basic screen with NO content.  I checked the Articulate Data on other folders associated with my course and all appeared to be there an in place.

I checked the Chrome version of my product with the JS Console Tool and got the following error message.

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
There is no art_plugins.xml file that I can find in the published product.
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Allen VanBrunt

I will try to upload Binary and see what happens.

Another related question.

The dreaded stealthray.swf issue has popped up again in my Articulate files.

I am running Articulate Presenter '09 build V6.3.100901313 Pro

Adobe Flash Player for Chrome (30.1599.101 m) and IE 10 (v: 10.0.9200.16721) 

I just started getting the "stealthray.swf" blank Presenter skid screen with no content.  Re-read areticles about the Flash 10 updater for Articulate but could not dowwload the updater.  Read that stealthray is not supposed to be a problem in Studio '09. 

Any suggestions or comments?