Studio Pro 09 Issue - Missing Activation window???

Aug 10, 2012

Hi Everybody,

I am having a really strange issue with Studio Pro 09. Please note that all three application were successfully activated and working before. The only major change was that we have now Articulate Storyline (Update 1) installed on the same PC. 

I have tried a clean install the applications again but I still have the following issues

   1.      Quizmaker 09 - in Presenter - PowerPoint every time I try to Add Existing  I get the following popup window. If I run Quizmaker 09 on its own it show as fully activated and with the serial number

     2. Engage 09 (same issue) - in Presenter - PowerPoint every time I try to Add Existing  I get the following
         popup window. If I run   Engage 09 on its own it show as fully activated and with the serial number.

  3. When I run Presenter 09 a simply get the following image, no prompt for activation even though this was a clean installation.

  4. After launching PowerPoint there a missing Activate / Deactivate options in the Articulate tab see below and Presenter 09 is reporting itself as a trial but I have NO option to Activate?????

The setup: Windws 7 64Bit with 8Gb RAM and Office 2010.

Any ideas would be much appreciated. Perhaps Articulate has a tool to Clean Un-install Articulate applications.

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions anyone may have.


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Paul Trainer

Hi Jeanette,

I have done that already. If anyone has the same issue see the suggested solutions:

Link 1 - Contains a download with a script that will help clear things up and allow a "clean install"

Unexpected or erratic behaviour in Articulate Studio '09 - Link 1

Link 2 - Some additional option

Articulate Presenter '09 menu is inactive - Link 2

Hope this can also help others in similar situation. : )


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