Sync Animations not working, ppt 2010, Presenter 13 w recent update

Nov 05, 2014


I am on a new MacBook Pro, 1TB, 16MB RAM - BootCamp PC, Office 7,  Powerpoint 2010. I have made 17 e-Learning presentations so far (on my SONY) and have imported audio and synced animations made in ppt everytime with no problems.(no 'fancy' animations)  On my new computer Sync Animations just doesn't work . I tried a month ago and it didn't work and had to go back to my OLD Sony, and I am trying again -- after the recent update and still, nothing.

Could it be that I have ppt 2013 installed on this computer? I have not opened the file in ppt 2013.

Am I missing something? I need to figure this out pretty quick. Thank you.


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Diane Lund

Thank you Leslie, I will try the 'repair' link above and get back to you.

And yes I have 2010 and 2013 on the same computer -- sometimes the charting in 2013 is a little off and I need both. I made the last couple e-learning courses on my new computer in 2010 just to be safe, but I had this odd issue -- I had made so many this way and I didn't want any glitches -- but, I got one anyway :) I didn't have a lot of time on the last couple and I wanted all things to be the same.


Diane Lund

thank you for your time -- that will be ok, not convenient, but ok,  until the old machine dies -- which will be soon - I have a flickering monitor on that one - which is why I spent over $3K to get a killer machine. I don't really think the 2 ppts is the issue since it is not an issue on old Sony -- unless there is something going on with ppt 2013. Before I let you 'go' have you come across the 2 versions of ppt on one machine being an issue before?

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