Text boxes filling with a blue/pink gradient fill when publishing


I installed the most recent upgrade to Articulate Studio yesterday, and today when I have published my current work the majority of my text boxes are being filled with a gradient fill (of shades blue to pink) whilst in the formatting section the text boxes are marked as 'No Fill'. Whilst the colouring adds a pretty feel to my module, it is not exactly what I need!!

I have tried publishing two different files and both are having the same problem (one was published prior to the upgrade with no issue). It is not happening to every text box, so there is no consistency, but it is safe to say that it is the majority of text boxes in the file.

Can someone please assist?



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Nick Z

Hi Everyone,

I am having the same issue when publishing/previewing projects. It has been happening intermittently for a while, and seems to come and go inconsistently. I have tried deleting the slide, adding a new one, changing fonts and layouts, nothing seems to make a difference. The screen shot below shows what it looks like when it happens. If anyone has run across this and how to fix it please let us know!



Julia Maddocks

Hi there,

I'm having the same issue so checked out the article you suggested, Leslie. I got stuck at step 5:

Go to the following folder on your computer and delete everything in the folder:


I can't find that folder anywhere! Am I missing something?