The 3rd spotlight annotation get's stuck even after clear all

Hey Folks,

I see some really bad issue with presenter'13 spotlight annotation. I discovered that the 3rd spotlight annotation gets stuck until the 4th spotlight annotation appears. 

This is really making the presentation bad. I tried to annotate multiple times but with no success. I made use of clear all after the third annotation but still in the preview it shows the same. 

Do you have any clue.?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Arul.  It looks like the spotlight annotation will remain if you have another annotation (like an arrow) happening at the same time, even if you clear out both annotations.  The spotlight remains until the next spotlight annotation appears.

I'm documenting this behavior for our team to evaluate.  The workaround at this point would be to clear the spotlight annotation before adding any other annotations.

Let me know if that matches what you're seeing!