The seek bar reach the end in duration of the slide

Aug 29, 2011

I am currently developing a webcast using Articulate. Some of the slides are transitional so we set the time of those slides in 1 second. However, it is quite strange that the progress reach to 90% of the seek bar. The progress shows properly only if the duration of the slide is longer than 10 seconds. 

May I know if there are any solutions for this issue?

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Thomas  Lau

Thanks for your reply. According to your advice, I have submitted a support case of the issue. Please also find the case for your reference.

The case

We are creating an webcast using Articulate. We will set the duration for the slides (e.g. transitional slides) without any audio in 1 second. However, we found that the seekbar of the presentation reach 90% of the progress in the bar. May I know if there is any fix on this? Thanks.

It seems that the progress bar still cannot move to the end after 5 seconds. Please find the screenshot below for your reference. 

Seekbar in 6 seconds

Seekbar in 5 seconds

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Greg,

It looks like the case was resolved with Thomas.

Here's the solution that was used to fix his problem:

It's possible that your slide is not set to advance automatically. You can change the advance setting of the slide from "By User" to "Automatically" from the Slide Properties window.

If your colleague is experiencing this issue after checking the information above, please have her submit a case with us. We'll be happy to take a look at her files and see what may be causing this. 


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Greg,

That does sound strange. If you haven't already, could you please submit a support case with us?

Please create a Presenter Package and submit a case with our support team. 

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