Trial Articulate not working

Mar 22, 2011

Good morning,

I'm trying to build a sample course and I installed the trial version of Articulate on a laptop on Friday.  I used it then and I made a few interactions.  The laptop was off for Saturday and Sunday.  Monday I surfed a bit but did not use Articulate.  Today (Tuesday) I attempted to continue working on building the course but my Articulate ribbon in PowerPoint is completely unresponsive.  None of the buttons do anything.  I click to add an Engage Interaction but it just sits there.

I am able to open the Engage interactions separately and edit those.  I just can't mix them down in Presenter to create the single player file.

Any ideas?

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Lisa Tilton

I had the same issue - the ribbon mysteriously stopped working.  I followed all the steps in Articulate's troubleshooting forum, and installed/updated .net.  Ultimately, an uninstall of just the Articulate Presenter component, reboot, then reinstallation of that component worked.

After seeing your comment, I realize that it was indeed AVG isolating and removing that dll that was the root of the problem.  I remember seeing the warning that it was being isolated, and thought twice about it but allowed it to be removed.  It makes perfect sense - so thank you for helping me get to the actual root cause!  Otherwise, I may have been uninstalling/reinstalling again!

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