Unable to load a swf

Feb 19, 2014


Please can you help, I have created a swf by publishing a ppt slide using articulate.  In Studio 09, I was able to the use this swf and insert it into presenter of engage.  I am trying to do the same using studio13, and it is not working.  I have followed the tutorial, and get as far inserting it, then nothing seems to load up.  I can view the swf file from outside of articulate.

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Brian Allen

ahhh, ok, so your .swf's were probably created with Presenter '09?  Have you tried creating a .swf with Presenter '13 and seeing if you have the same issue?

The Presenter '09 .swf files should be ok, but I'm wondering if they are published using a different version of action script, etc.  I haven't played around with this a whole lot to authoritatively say what is compatible and what's not, unfortunately.

One option, if you have a lot of these and you're having issues with them all, might be to see if anyone has a recommendation for a tool (possibly free!) that would convert your older .swf files into something like .mp4

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