Update Flash content without re-inserting Flash video

Aug 03, 2011

I have some Flash videos that I've inserted into a Presenter presentation as Flash movies. Occasionally I need to go back into Captivate and update the video and resave it as Flash.

Is there a way for me to update the Flash movie in the presentation without:

  1. Deleting the old Flash movie
  2. Inserting the updated Flash movie

Like, can I just copy the newly compiled movie into some folder:?

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asim husain

Thanks @Ashley

I'm clear, I want to add some special flash effect on my project. Like motion effect and mouse hover effect and text effect. But  whenever i inserted .FLA file storyline2 not supported. So my question is how to make text effect apart from storyline2 default text effects. Like captivate there is an option to add some motion text effect.

In storyline 2 is it possible to add text effect?

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