Video Encoder from Studio '09 disappeared

Oct 16, 2013

After installing Studio '13, I noticed that there is no longer a program called Articulate Video Encoder.  I now know from Mike Enders that, "the video encoding is now built-in to the Studio Tools.  When you add a video, you’ll see that you can edit it.  Studio then encodes it when it publishes."

My question is, "Can I reinstall Video Encoder '09 as a stand alone tool?"

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Sara Fromme

I think that since it is a different application that it should be fine. You may find you don't need it. What do you think you will do with it if it is installed.

My concern would be that the application is not updated. Video technology change and I assume with Studio 13 updates they get included. May not be the case with the encoder 09

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