Video Encoder Problems.


I have never had ANY issues ever before, ever. I just select the file and hit the button.

Today I have a new (Trial --> activated off old licence) version of Encoder. I have selected an .mpeg2 file from a client, and I get the "Cannot play - problem with codecs" message.

I have done all the suggested downloads and installs from "Learn More About Codecs", yet still I get the message. A Codec analysis says the file uses MPEG2, and that I have it installed fine.

Funny thing is that a colleague, (who has an older PC, mine was new last week...) has no problems. BUT, if I try and compile her .flv file into my course, still stutters and looks horrible, with no sound.

Takes about 1 hour to compile a 95mb sourcefile.

Any ideas

One for Brian Batt I reckon.......


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Brian Batt

Hi Bruce,

If you are unable to import or convert a video in Video Encoder, please close Video Encoder and install the following codec packs: 

K-Lite Codec Pack Full (accept all default installation options): 

Media Player Codec Pack (deselect toolbar options during installation): 

After that, restart your computer.  If you continue to have issues, then the file is likely using a codec that neither of those 2 codec packs support.

One alternative would be to attempt to convert the file with FormatFactory as it does not respect "proprietary" codecs like Articulate Video Encoder does.

Bruce Graham


Made things worse unfortunately, so that's rather annoying (see below, and I am sure I have the laatest versions of both of these...).

PS - 1st link is dead, had to find another.

I just do not get why my ultra-new PC is having issues here, and a colleague's older PC is fine. Very strange.