video from Articulate library will preview but not load/play in the presentation.

Sep 24, 2020


If it matters, you can look up 'flower bud' in the Articulate tab within Powerpoint; I'm using the second video there, the dandelion opening and closing across the length of a day sped up to 11 seconds.

I can preview the file in the Articulate screen, but it seems that no matter the option I choose, once imported it just shows the first frame and doesn't play after that. I can't play it in presentation mode, I see no animation trigger for it, I just get a resizable box containing what seems to be a frozen video.

thanks for your help

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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Mykl!

Thanks for those helpful clues.

I'm having difficulty recreating the experience with the same video in Presenter 360 Update 8.25.21221.0Here's a quick video of my test

A few clues to help us explore further:

  • Do you see this happening with any Content Library 360 video or just this one?
  • Does the problem happen in the published output?

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