video not appearing in slide

I have imported a .flv into one of my slides. I've set it to start playing after 8 seconds at which time the narration audio will have finished. The video does NOT appear until 8 seconds have passed and the slide appears empty until that point.

How can I have video show up from the very beginning so the learner isn't looking at a blank screen, but yet not start playing until 8 seconds in?

I'm using PPT 2013 and Presenter '13.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Janet!

I'm not aware of a way to get that video to display while keeping those settings. The video placeholder would be there if you changed the video to play 'on click' instead of automatically.

You could place another 'placeholder' that lives behind your video so that the user has something to 'look at' and it is covered when the video comes in. It could even be an image to simulate your placeholder video perhaps.