Video processing time

I attempted to use my webcam to add a 20 second video to a PowerPoint slide using Articulate '13 for an online course that we sell. I followed the tutorial and when I selected that I wanted to add it as a Presenter Video Panel, it took 10 minutes to process it. I then tried it again inserting just as a powerpoint slide video and it took 10 minutes to process it again. I can't imaging that this is normal. Any help would be greatly appreciated. - Thanks, Mick

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mick kless

Just tried with a new project that incorporated 1 ppt slide. I recorded video for approximately 20 seconds and chose to insert it as a Presenter video. I'm getting the same result. We have approximately 100 videos that we need to create as a part of our course. Obviously we can't do it with the amount of time required to process it. What do you suggest to remedy this?