Why am I getting this message

Dec 12, 2017

I created a brand new PP. Built the slides. Then imported several at the end from another PP. I had created some voice over in that other presentation for these slides using Studio 13. 

Now I go to the first slide and click record narration to start work on the voice over in STudio 13. I get this message 

"Your Articulate Presenter project cannot be upgraded to the new Articulate Presenter ' 13 file format. 

Why am I getting this message? 


What it then code is checking for what where to generate this?


How to I get around it? There is more than a little work in building this PP. To get this Articulate message at this time without any insight on why it is coming up or how to get by it is very frustrating. 


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Roelf Woldring

So once again I got around the problem - created a new folder on the C drive. Saved the PP presentation to this folder. Opened it and when to record narration. Got the same message. Closed PP. Opened it again and created a new presentation. Used the reuse slide feature to import all the slides from the first presentation into the new presentation. Saved it. Closed it. Opened it. When to record narration in Presenter 13. Bingo - no problem. But this error message is still the height of silliness. What is it checking and why does the code not provide you with workaround options rather than just shutting you down.  

Come folks this is just a matter of better programming. ..... 



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