Why would Closing window (clicking the "X") return completed?


I have a few courses that require passing a quiz for them to complete. If the learner take the quiz and passes or not Articulate passes the right condition (passed/Failed) and mark them completed.

The problem is that when the learner closes the course by closing the window using the "X" without even getting to the quiz it shows "completed" on my LMS.

My LMS company sent me this explanation:

"It looks like your course submits a status of completed when the course is opened and then resubmits the completion as incomplete if the learner exits the course using the internal exit button (Exit > Exit Now).
If a Learner closes the course by just closing the window (clicking the red X) then that updated status of incomplete is never submitted and the course remains completed."

Can this be change? I want the learner to pass the quiz in order to show "Completed"

Thank You

Edgar T

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E Torres

Thank you for your reply.

I'm tracking the quiz results, and for the most part it works, if you finnish the training, pass the quiz and close with the "Exit" button it works. It is only when you close the browser window the the process  break and it shows the status as completed.

We are using Thinking Cap

Phil Mayor

I would say it is an issue with your LMS then, we have done a lot of testing using the exit button and close browser button and found the status was set correctly, for this reason we removed the player exit button and only use the close browser button

It may be that articulate know a work around, it is worth submitting a case to them,

E Torres

Thanks again for your reply.

I have read on other post that exiting the course using the "Exit" button vs closing the browser result in different behavior which is kind of what the LMS tech sees.

Is there any way to change the status that Articulate sends when the course is opened? (see early post with LMS Tech comments)