Your Articulate Presenter project cannot be upgraded to the Articulate Presenter '13 file format

I have been using Articulate Suite '13 for several years without a problem, and then on May 1, 2018 the attached message from Articulate Presenter appears when I try to convert old PowerPoint files with Articulate.

I have been able to do this until May 1, when old PowerPoint (.ppt) files started giving me the message.

When I create a new PowerPoint (.pptx) there are no problems, just with the older files!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rick,

There are a few reasons why that error may appear, but it doesn't sound like you're running into any of those. 

There haven't been any recent updates of Presenter '13, so I wonder if your Windows or Office version received an update? When you create a new Powerpoint file, do you have the option to create as a .ppt, or is it always defaulting to a .pptx? Could you try saving your existing Powerpoint files as .pptx and then opening into Presenter? 

Rick Davis

I found out that it is not an Articulate problem.

The PowerPoint template that was used in the original files was corrupted. I used a different template to import the slides, and then copied them the a "new" version of the corrupted template and everything worked fine.

Thank you!

Rick Davis
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Sheila Broderick

I am using Articulate '13.  Today I opened PowerPower presentation (.pptx) and clicked Quizmaker and received the message Your Articulate project cannot be upgraded to the new Articulate Presenter '13 file format.  A little confused as I was not upgrading but trying trying to add a quiz.  Any  help would be appreciated since I cannot add a quiz.