Change Font Size in Sequence Drag and Drop Graded Questions

I create lots of graded questions that are sequence drag and drop and matching questions. I'd really like to decrease the font size on the answer options. -- the answer and question options that get matched up or placed into sequence. It would be nice to have more question options listed on the screen without having to scroll. And, when the font size of the actual answers is larger than the question itself, it looks funny.

I have not been able to locate a way in the the Form View or the Slide View to change the font size of answers. It seems that once the answers are entered in the Form View that it becomes an uneditable text book. Is there a way to change the font size of answer options?

Here's an example of a sequence drag and drop question with the answer being larger than the question font. 


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Lauren Connelly

Hi John!

Sorry, you're running into this issue as well! We still see this issue in our latest version of Storyline 360 (Build 3.53.25436.0). We are currently prioritizing other bug fixes for upcoming releases, but I'll update you in this discussion when this makes it on the roadmap.

If you'd like help finding a workaround, we're happy to help. You can upload your .story file privately to us in a support case.

John Cooper

Thanks for the reply - I changed the exercise to a freeform drag and drop - But you do have the problem with this workaround if you want ALL items to be committed to a position before the Submit. i.e. say  I have four items to put in sequence - in my case, they must ALL be put in sequence because I want the the feedback to appear on the screen where the items were originally.

This issue of wanting all draggable items to be dragged before submit is the subject of another thread I posted on recently. So I have a solution to this issue - I just raise it to make the point that a sequence drag and drop is a specific type of interaction and the workaround isn't quite the same thing.