Importing Master Slides in Quizmaker

Jun 18, 2013


When I am in Slide master view, I select "Save Current Theme" from the Themes section of the Slide Master tab (I have also tried this under slide view from a Q).  That creates the file.  Then I open another quiz file and try to select from that same location "Browse for Themes", I select my file and they are not added to my design options.  

What I am doing wrong?  Or, is this not possible? 



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Jamie Borja

Hey Leslie, 

I see what I did.  I actually watched your tutorial (fabulous job by the way!) before I posted this, but I watched closely again and realized that I MUST save the themes in that location.  I was saving to another folder within my network, that must be why... Thanks so much for your prompt reply, you are all so helpful as I learn Quizmaker  

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