Audio and video very choppy using Replay 360 - cam + slides


we are trying to record tutorial videos using Replay.

We need slides plus the little webcam showing the speaker. I tried twice but the quality seems very low and the audio cannot be heard prettu much for how choppy this is. I'm using a microsoft surface.

Any idea how I could get better results? I checked the old discussions but didn't seem to match this issue.

Thank you :)

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Valeria. Let's get that taken care of!

First, a few questions to help us navigate our next steps!

  • Do you notice the choppiness during preview, in the published output, or both? To preview projects in Replay 360, use the play/pause and stop buttons above the timeline.
  • Do you have video hardware acceleration enabled on your Surface? If it's disabled, it could be resulting in these problems. Here's how to check!

Also, check out this related discussion! It looks like Michelle was able to fix the problem on their Surface by plugging in the headphones into the hardware docking station.