Breakup of video in Replay 360

I have started to record a series of screen cap videos in Replay 360. all went well for a while, then on a new file, the video taken was stopping, crackling and losing audio on playback.

it's difficult to pin down, but I think it may have started to happen when I put in a link to a new internet page in the browser I was screen capturing. 

I have restarted windows (using parallels), Articulate 360, then Replay, all to no avail.

Any thoughts anyone?

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Ren Gomez

Hi John,

Sorry to hear you're coming across some video playback issues! I’ve opened a support case on your behalf for one of our support engineers to take a look at your file. If you can, please upload your file to this unique upload link, and we'll let you know our findings and delete it after having a closer look!