Replay 360 keeps crashing and losing my file

Mar 03, 2021

I am a little frustrated right now because I spent hours working on a video and then I could not publish it.  I tried to publish it a couple of times and each time Replay 360 closed without completing the task.  And then I tried to save as a different name and I got an error message.  I had to close the file without saving and lost all the edits I made.  This has happened before with other files. Any suggestions on how I can fix this without redoing the entire project?

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Paul Zamora

Question: Is Replay going away?

I know from first hand exp it doesn't play well with Win 11 Pro and HDR or the newest high resolution displays like on my new Laptop.  All it records is the upper corner and the rest black on both the onboard screen and my HDR 32" ext display.  No matter what record area I define, it only records the upper corner and the rest black or errors out with a resolution message.  I submitted a ticket but the work around isn't really worth it by disabling my external monitor, and changing the laptop screen settings.  I went with another program all together.  And, yes this is the same problem doing screen records right in Storyline.  

With that said, I noticed on the latest A360 communication about the $100 Price increase, that on the upgrades and features list Replay was left off.  So is it going away? 

Lauren Connelly

Hello Paul!

I'm sorry for the trouble you've had with recordings!

To answer your question, Replay 360 isn't going away, but we did freeze feature development. We will continue to support Replay 360 when updates are needed for operating system upgrades, browser updates, and security vulnerabilities.