Replay audio coming through one channel on playback?

Feb 03, 2014

Hi, everyone:

1. I've got a little audio sitch: my audio in Replay (when I preview or publish), just comes through one side of my headphones. I've been told by a few that this is probably just a local issue on my computer. Would a few of you mind taking a listen to the attached published version (with heaphones/buds in) and see if the audio is coming balanced through both sides/channels? It would also help if you let me know if your on a mac or pc.

2. Audio/Replay experts: any idea what's causing this? The one channel/one side thing doesn't happen when I record audio into Storyline, though it does happen when Windows Sound Recorder. I've got a condenser mic hooked to a preamp, but not sure why that would make a difference.

Anyway, thanks so much for your help. Hoping it's just some quirk on my machine. --Daniel

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Daniel Brigham

Thanks for asking. It was an Radio Shack adapter that came to the rescue.

I have a condenser mic and a preamp. The 1/4 preamp cord that goes into my computer needed a 1/8 MONO to STEREO adapter. I spent maybe 15 hours on this trying to figure out what was going on.

Steve Flowers suggested the adapter. Thanks, guys, for the help.

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