Replay Modify Frame Rate yet??

Apr 08, 2024

Greetings Heroes!

The only thread I can find on this topic was from 9 years ago w the Amazing Ashley T.

It seems in this world of HD and 4K, Replay still only has a "best" fps setting of 15?

Is this still the case? Any reason why, if so? 


E Hoke

Senior eLearning Developer

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Luciana Piazza

Hi Edward, 

Thanks for reaching out!

  • What type of videos are you looking to include in your project file?

I wanted to confirm that screencasts are recorded at 15 frames per second, and webcam videos are recorded at 25 fps in Replay 360.

Additionally, I'd like to share this fps information when importing video to Replay 360

I hope this helps! 

Edward Hoke

Hello Luciana:

Thank you for replying.

We are attempting to make the least blurry motion screen captures possible.

The app Camtasia does not allow for 15fps projects. Matching frame rate and resolution are keys in screen captures that are not blurry. Therefore, the 15fps Replay max for motion screen captures are not compatible meaning that there will intrinsically be issues. In fact, 25fps is pretty much a European video standard, while 29.97 (and variations) are more standard video resolution for U.S. (24fps for film).

Why is it that your developers have not upgraded this feature in 10 years? Just wondering. If you have any other information, it is appreciated.

Thank you!