Replay not tracking cursor properly?

Has anyone else had this problem? Basically, I'll be taking a screen recording in Replay and selecting different tabs/options in this video. However, when I view the screen recording in Replay. my cursor in the video is much higher than it should be.

For context, if this was an Excel spreadsheet, my cursor in the video would be 3-4 rows higher than the row that is selected. So I end up with something selected and a cursor that doesn't match the position of the selected item. I want this to be professional and straightforward for the learner, so how do I fix this?


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Rebecca Evans

Yes please, sort this out! 2 years and no actual fix beyond "Change a setting and record again"? This is so frustrating. Believe it or not, I didn't go into google before starting my recording to look for un-anticipated issues that have been known to Articulate for two years. And the only solution, after recording and publishing an entire video is, "Do it again"?

Come on Articulate, bring us a fix - at least a detection error that pops up and says "Your scaling settings may affect the playback of this video; check out our help article here for advice and workarounds". It wouldn't bother me to change my settings before recording and production, but to have to do it after is such a pain in the neck, and to find out it's a known issue just adds salt to the wound...