Replay Publishing a Black Screen.

Feb 06, 2023

It is now 2023.  Any update on this issue being resolved?    In my situation I published a storyline 360 project as a video.  It plays wonderfully.  I then imported the .mp4 into Replay 360 and added a music track.  I published in Replay and got the audio with a black screen.

I've found forum entries going back over 4 years.  Seriously?  Storyline doesn't let you add audio across slides, and the workaround, Replay doesn't publish properly.  

Why isn't this a priority?!

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Rachael, 

Sorry to hear about your experience with Replay 360. 

I'm not seeing any recent reports of this issue from other users, so there's a chance that this behavior might be installation specific. If the behavior is happening for all of the videos that you are trying to publish, try doing a repair to see if this helps: 

You'll also want to make sure that your machine meets the minimum system requirements needed to run Replay 360. 

If the issue persists, open a case with our support team here so we can take a closer look at what's happening.