Ability to change playback speed of audio

Apr 08, 2016

A client has asked me if it was possible to speed up the audio narration in Storyline 2 to 1.25 or 1.5 times normal speed.  She had seen that in some other video and was able to speed up the audio and then slow it down when she needed to concentrate on something.  Thoughts or suggestions?

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Juliet Lammers

I also need variable playback speed. I'm creating a course that will go out to 7000+ students and different people have different needs. This is an important feature and I see that people have been requesting it for at least 5 years now. Will this be available in Storyline any time soon? Thanks!


Mark Iannucci

As a student who has to use some of the modules to learn about policy changes, the missing base functionality doesn't help us either.

The ability to speed up audio, slide transitions, and other effects is critical in order reduce distractibility and increase content retention.  The content delivery speed needs to be in the control of the person trying to learn, not the person developing the content because while I may want my content on computing to move quickly, I want my content on cooking to move slowly, otherwise I'll cut myself.  Julia Childs would prefer the reverse.

It is really unfortunate that this problem has been in this software for more than 5 years.

Silviya Marinova

Dear Articulate Team, 

I am working for a large IT company and this feature is essential for our trainings, since our learners are used to watch videos with higher speed. We want to incorporate more interactive content into our curriculum and really like Storyline as the best authoring tool in the market, but the lack of this essential feature might force us to consider switching to Adobe Captivate. Please take the request serious.  

Kelly Auner

Hi Silviya,

Thank you for reaching out! As Phil shared, our feature roadmap is a great resource to see what we are currently working on. We aren’t ready to share a specific date on when that feature will ship, but we’ll be sure to update this discussion when it’s ready to go!

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our support engineers if you need further assistance on your project. We'll be happy to take a look!