Variable Playback Speed

We build our e-learning courses using Articulate Storyline.  Recently, a number of our students have asked us if we can provide functionality of increasing the speed of the delivery, the provision that they have in Lynda courses and youtube videos.  

So I was wondering there is a provision for the same in Articulate Storyline.  



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Benjamin Walsh

Many DAW's have a playback feature which allows multiple play back speeds. How hard would it be to copy the code from one like Audacity, which is written in C++ and C, and add a small selector to the audio playback? I don't write code so I have no idea how difficult that would be, but surely with so many audio recording software products on the market, something could be put together by Articulate Storyline?

Looking forward to you reply! Thanks so much! 


Mark Ramsey

Panopto, the streaming video company, allows for speed up/down playback. Often I would speed up playback to 1.75 in order to check captions when editing. Especially when you're dealing with professors' classes getting turned into webinars, some can be deadly slow, and it really benefits to speed up playback.

People's time is so compressed now.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi David,

The ability for the learner to speed up and/or slow down the audio or video playback is a feature that we are continuing to track.

This conversation is linked to the report so that we can share updates with you here and I also wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests.