Variable Playback Speed

We build our e-learning courses using Articulate Storyline.  Recently, a number of our students have asked us if we can provide functionality of increasing the speed of the delivery, the provision that they have in Lynda courses and youtube videos.  

So I was wondering there is a provision for the same in Articulate Storyline.  



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Gwen Martin

Please implement this feature! We recently switched from BrainShark to Storyline, and we've gotten a number of complaints about the lack up ability to change playback speed. In general, Storyline offers far more features than BrainShark did, but from users' point of view, they lost a capability that they used to have.

Mark Ramsey

Hi Michelle,

I figured out a way to control video speed using JavaScript. Please look at the attachments to see how this can be done.

FYI: This controls the speed of the video, not the timeline of the slide, which means if you use this AND have the Seek bar in the player, these will get out of sync with one another. Maybe you could "bake in" the transport controls into the video itself, and NOT use the Storyline Seek bar, to get around this issue. Still, if Articulate could use this code somehow underneath and tie the Seek bar to report video progression, then we would have something!

Daniel Castillo

I think this should be viewed as two different tasks: enabling variable playback speed for audio (i.e. the whole Storyline e-learning) and enabling it for embedded video.

Variable playback speed is now standard for video. These days, it seems that almost nobody views a video at normal speed unless their viewing the video for entertainment. Rise has variable playback speed for embedded video, Articulate Review has it, why doesn't Storyline? It would seem that Articulate is behind the curve there.

Enabling variable playback speed for the audio, or for the whole e-learning itself, seems to be a much bigger ask. I haven't seen such capability in other eLearning tools.

If the embedded video has variable playback, then that could also be a valid option for those who want to speed up the whole eLearning. People could publish their Storyline content as video and then embed that video in the Storyline slide or slides, thereby providing a similar experience than if the audio could be sped up.

So I think the first priority, and probably the less difficult ask, is to provide variable playback speed for the embedded video in Storyline.