Adjusting Object Size on Assessment Slides

Hi -

I am building a course and I have a few question slides.  The feedback on the answer slide is a little lengthy and it doesn't seem like I can adjust the size of the grey correct box.  I can change the text box, the title, and the button but not the size of the grey box.  Is there something I am missing?


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ashraf Akbar

Hi Jessica

You can adjust/remove that grey box or even add any other shape if you like. You have to go to the feedback master and either modify the one feedback slide you are already using (by default).

I perefer to use a blank slide and add a personalised shape etc. You can rename it as correct or incorrect.

Follow this link to resolve your problem.

good luck!

Christie Pollick

Hi, Jessica -- Welcome to the community! Ashraf's suggestion should do the trick for what it sounds like you have described, but if you had something else in mind, please don't hesitate to let us know! And should you decide you'd like to share your file, all you would need to do is hit the 'ADD ATTACHMENT' button in the bottom left of the reply box here in the thread, and browse for your file from there. :)