Animate Size and Position Over Time?

Mar 22, 2021

I am trying to animate an object to different sizes and positions overtime. For example:

  • At 1 second, grow to 300 pixels and move to location A
  • Add 4 seconds, shrink back to 150 pixels and move back to original location.

Does storyline have some equivalent of a keyframe approach to change size and position?

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Tim Waldron

I am also looking for some sort of keyframe animation. I want to move an arrow downwards and have it stop at certain intertvals. I managed to get this to sort of work, by creating various duplicates of the arrow and synching the individual animations. But that is rather tedious and complicated and prone to errors.

The easiest solution would be a basic After Effects-style keyframe animator. No need for all the fancy animation optimisation stuff, just a basic coordinate and properties keyframe manager would be nice. :)

Tim Waldron


Richard Mulcahy

You could try states or use the timeline to have the object appear to move and change sizes. Perhaps also use the motion path too.

Here is one real simple example

Thanks for the reply and the example! :)
I am currently using that method, and it does work. But it can be quite difficult to synch it up properly - especially, when it needs to also be synched to spoken text. That's why I was hoping for some sort of keyframe-style animation tool. 

Pierre Sosa
Tim Waldron

The easiest solution would be a basic After Effects-style keyframe animator. 

I have said it before, and I'll say it again; After Effects is Storyline's real competition. If Adobe ever put an interactive interface in an After Effects publication similar to how Camtasia can publish SCORM, it could take over the rapid development market. In my career, I have repeatedly been forced to use both After Effects and Storyline. It stuns me that Adobe won't include Captivate in the Creative Suite, because access to both programs in one license would effect the purse strings of many clients.

I love Articulate Storyline, but I think it needs to get beyond being a PowerPoint clone and start catering to the animation skills which developers already need to the keep the attention of post-youtube learners. I need a dockable properties window, keyable properties, and bezier handles.

Before all of that, however, I need text-styles that work in the notes.

I have already submitted all of this in feature requests, and am just chilling until the future.