Animated gif frame rate issue

Feb 01, 2013

Hi Guys,

I have noticed when inserting an animated gif into Storyline that it plays much like if i viewed it in Internet Explorer.  It seems to lose the designated frame rate and default to the 10 fps (100 millisecond delay).

Is there any way to keep the correct frame rate (im looking for 30 fps)?

The reason im using gifs is that the final module needs to work on ipad and of course swf wont work on that.


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Bob Wiker

Could it be related to the frame delay values embedded within the animated GIF? Animated GIFs contain a delay parameter for every frame that dictates how long a frame is displayed/delayed before moving to the next frame.

I've attached a screenshot showing the palette in Adobe Fireworks for setting this delay. In this example, each frame is set to display for 15/100 of a second. The last frame is set for 500/100 of a second (i.e., 5 seconds). In your case, for 30fps, you'd set the delay values to 3 or 4 which would yield 33fps or 25 fps.

Dan O'Neill

Hi Bob,

Cheers for the reply.

I have done this using Photoshop and tried several different frame rates to see if there was a difference in storyline.  From what i can see it looks like it is playing at 10 fps. 

I created a new gif with a 0.06 second frame delay and viewed it in mozilla, I.E. and storyline.  It worked fine in the 2 browsers but storyline cut it back to 10 fps.

Interestingly if i go below 0.06 (say 0.03) I.E drops to 10 fps aswell but Mozilla goes to 0.03.

I was wondering if Storyline used a similar rule?

Essentially what i want is for Storyline to allow me to keep my embeded frame rate settings, since 10 fps looks really jerky.


Gayle Quinte

Hi Dan,

I am having the exact same issue. I'd like to use the animated gif format were possible due to company policy on having all video formats stream from a corporate server.  Streaming video clips from the approved server creates additional issues on exact slide placement, delay in streaming to match slide narration, etc. 

I've messed with the framerate and cannot get the gif to play properly and I cannot seem to get the settings to play once and stop...have to do hding etc of gif to accomplish this.

Question for forum moderator:  is this a known issue? 


Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Gayle.

Although this is not known or documented behavior that I am aware of, the posts in this thread certainly make it sound like something we should pursue further.

Could you please send a copy of your .gif image file (along with a screen capture of the frame rate settings within your image authoring application) via a Support Case so that we can take a closer look?  Thanks!

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