Articulate 36 - tracking specific values in SCORM

Sorry this is a bit techie but I would appreciate some help...
We are building a set of eLearning programmes for a client.  Each has a 5 part module structure.  The programme will be tracked using SCORM 1.2.

The client wants to see reporting that indicates which of the modules has been visited.

There is no mandatory navigation to force the learner through any of the modules - they can view as little or as much as they want.  But the client wants to know which parts they have visited.

SCORM 1.2 handles completion status in its various forms (complete/incomplete, complete/pass, complete/fail, incomplete pass/incomplete/fail) but it also handles RESUME.

Does Storyline pass an entire set of data to the SCORM API that represents the status of each slide in a programme? If so, it would be possible to interrogate those data to see which parts of the programme have been seen (wouldn't it?)

If not, does the status (of each screen, quiz etc.) remain somewhere on the user's machine and a simple yes/no flag sent to the LMS?

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Martin Dean

At the risk of driving everyone on this thread bonkers, if anyone can help, here is the current challenge:

To remind you of the goal - the client wants to see how many users visited each section of the course and there is no requirement to visit any all of them.

My course uses 5 dummy graded 'fill-in-the-blank' questions which automatically fill in the correct answer when the user visits the slide.  (The quiz slide is hidden).

The course correctly tracks on SCORMcloud so I can see each of the 'correct' answers when the TRACKING OPTION is set to 'results slide'.  However, the course is not marked as complete!

I have set the results slide to 20% pass rate and the SCORM reporting is set to Passed/Incomplete.  This means that the user only has to visit one of the tracking slides, to be marked 'Passed'.

Is there any reason why I cannot see the course as complete AS WELL AS see the results of the hidden quizzes?

Once again - sorry for this intrusion

Martin Dean

Hi Brian

That is exactly what I have in my course.  Does your example show the quiz data AND course completion when you look at the LMS?

Phil said that the only way to send quiz data is to TRACK using RESULTS page. I have done this and it works, but no Completion data is sent.

I have now changed to Complete/Incomplete with 0% pass rate on the dummy questions, but the course is still marked incomplete - even if I get 100%

Brian Allen

It does show quiz data and course completion, and we had a report custom made to pull the results which are stored in our LMS in a compressed xml format.

We find we get best results publishing for SCORM 1.2, but you might also try SCORM 2004 or even xapi if MindTickle supports it and compare your results.

In any case, there's a lot of well-established success using this method with various LMSs... If you continue to have issues I would recommend leaning hard on MindTickle support and pressing them as to why it's not working in their system.