Articulate 360 VERY VERY SLOW

I seem to have an issue with storyline 360. 
Working on a storyfile which is approximately 14 MB. 
It contains 34 slides, with rather High res images, but no video or other heavy stuff. Yet moving simple text object from A to B can take around 5-10 seconds.

I have a high-end Dell laptop which is also used for After Effects and Premiere. So the capacity of the laptop could not be the problem. Working local so no issues with the network. Storyline is completely updated.

How much of the performance could be affected by the Highres images? I've used these images for a while with no problem at all. 

Is there a way to purge the memory like in some Adobe software? 

Does anybody know how to speed up Articulate. 

Kind regards,


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Martin Iwinski

I just started a new Storyline 360 file and it's PAINFULLY SLOW on my PC. I have the latest version of Storyline as of this post. I've never had Storyline 360 be so slow and I can barely do my work. I restarted my PC to see if that changes anything, but same issues.

I am working from a local file on my Desktop and my file barely has anything in it (it's only 1.4MB). Everything is terribly slow.

Please fix this as it's very frustrating to work this way.

I have a Windows 10 PC with 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Nvidia graphics. Definitely no slouch and should easily run everything. It ran perfect before this latest update with the new Object Triggers panel.


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Jonathan and Martin,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you've run into some slowness.

I've opened up support cases for each of you so that you can work directly with our support team on this and get to the bottom of what you're experiencing.

You should have e-mails from our team soon.

Jim Koziol

Is there any update on the performance issues detailed here? I was recently upgraded to Windows 10 on an HP 1.8GHz, 16 GB computer and it runs extremely slow with Articulate 360. I did the recommended troubleshooting (turn off UAC, uninstall, re-install) and it was mildly better. ANY help is appreciated.

asad ali
Jeff Forrer

Just in case, a quick tip: I am not sure if you are aware of this, but when on a slide and trying to work, hide layers with video or heavy graphics, media, or layers you don't need to have visible when working on logic etc., it will speed things up a lot.

This tip from @Jeff really works.

Thanks Jeff!



I am new with Sotryline and download the  last version a week ago; first one my laptop that is not very fast and I started to work with it. The soft started to be very very slow when I created a mendeleiv chart with many links and many layers. So I installed storyline to my domestic computer that is a tower made for gaming and it is very fast usually but with storyline no modifications. The soft is still super slow espescially when I want to write or rename a layer, a letter box or a shape.

Is there any solution for it? 
Thank you

Ren Gomez


Thanks for reaching out and sharing your file! When I reached the chart slide, I did experience some slowness, but after hiding some elements on the base layer, I was able to continue at normal speeds.

I've opened a case on your behalf with our support engineers to take a closer look and see if they can offer any insight! Be on the lookout for a response soon!

ray laurencelle

I too am experiencing very sluggish performance with SL360.  In my case there are no hi-res images or videos, just a chart with about 60 rectangles overlaid with text boxes. I'm overlaying transparent rectangles with hover states on the text to make tool tips.  It is easily taking me  4 times as long to do anything - creating, sizing, moving rectangles and editing text.  I'm on a short budget and deadline with other projects on hold until this gets done.  It's costing me time and money.  I suspect the problem might be too many objects.  Hiding  some layers seems to help a little but, honestly, I shouldn't have to do this to slightly improve performance.

This problem with Storyline goes back at least 4 years.  I work with other graphics and video editing programs on content much larger than this with no performance problems.


Ren Gomez

Hi Debbie,

I'm sorry to hear you're running into slowness while working on your files. As mentioned above, sometimes high-resolution images or videos can lag the editing process. 

Have you tried using the Show/Hide icons to hide large elements while you're editing to see if that helps?

Our support engineers would also be happy to lend a hand and provide any specific troubleshooting tips on your file. Feel free to connect with them here!

Kevin Clemence

Just ran into this same issue when building a critical project this weekend. Storyline 360 was running smoothly and I was building out a drag and drop interaction that involved importing 9 image files. I was in the process of using the built-in contrast adjustment filter when BAM...the tool throttled waaaaay back and took about 3-5 seconds to execute further mouse clicks. Deleting the whole slide fixed the problem, so I knew it was likely the images. Decided to apply the contrast filters, screenshot/saved the results I liked, deleted the images, and then imported the screenshots. This approach worked beautifully, and I am back up and running again. In my case, the application of the image contrast adjustment is what slowed down the application. Hopefully this info helps someone else down the road. 

Megan Daniele

Just wanted to say thank you for this solution (from 4 years ago)! I was having this same issue and it was driving me crazy. One slide was painfully slow and it turns out I have shadows on the shapes that contained my images. Removed my shadows as you suggested and it's lightning fast again.... thank you!