Articulate Mobile Player for Android

May 15, 2017

We publish our content in Storyline 2 and deliver it to Samsung tablets via an enterprise mobile management tool ( EMM).   Our content is video heavy and when the content is launched for the first time, it plays and operates as expected.   If we have to re-launch and start from the beginning, or where we left off, the video content plays as you can see the status bar progressing, but we have a black screen with no audio.  The same issue if we use the back button on the tablet itself.  Can anyone shed some light on what we might want to do differently for the content to play as expected?  Thanks -

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steven,

What OS and browser is the content launching in from your Samsung tablet? The list of supported devices/browsers is here. 

I'm not incredibly familiar with an EMM tool - but could you try uploading it to another LMS or web server and see how it launches from there? Perhaps there is something in the EMM coding thats preventing it from loading again? If you want to try SCORM Cloud or Amazon S3 those are both good testing options! 

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