Articulate Storyline 2 - Slide keeps freezing when previewing and published

Jan 29, 2015

Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem or knew how to fix it:

When I preview or publish my story, it gets to a certain slide, I click next to continue and everything freezes. I can't click anything on the player or the slide.

I tried cutting the slide out of the story to see if it was a problem with the slide itself - it just froze on the earlier slide instead.

I also tried cutting and pasting the entire story into a new file - same thing - still froze at the same place.

Can anyone help me?

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John Curran

A client of mine is getting a similar problem. It only happens to some users but the problem is always the same - they get to a certain slide and try to click the next button (an on-screen one since the design does not use the standard player) and everything freezes and the rotating loading cursor appears. The 'Next' button also disappears. Screenshot attached.

Any clues to why this is happening? 

John Curran

Nothing in the way of the button Wendy and like Sara who posted the original issue even after deleting and totally rebuilding the slide the problem still occurs so it must be something deeper.

Emily I'm sharing the file here but be aware it runs fine for some users but fails for others.

I really need to fix this issue as there are 8 modules planned and we currently can't isolate this issue.

Wendy Farmer


I've previewed it a couple of times, published it and viewed it in Firefox, IE 11, Chrome and Safari and had no issues at all with slide 1.8.  Checked all the transitions. The only thing I'd do is probably move the > button up in the timeline so it sits on top of everything else...

Are the users viewing this through an LMS or via web browser?  Can you isolate it to a particular web browser? 

It's always harder to troubleshoot something that only happens sometimes especially when you don't know what the 'sometimes' was.  Hopefully Emily and the team can find the gremlin for you.  Good luck

Karin Pfister


I am having the exact same problem. My menu and entire storyline freezes on the same slide in the published version but not in preview. There is audio on this slide, with a slide layer change triggered on the timeline. This is so frustrating as it makes our entire project not useable for our client and there doesn't seem to be a solution in any of the forums. We are now in discussions about ceasing all use of Storyline for future projects if this cannot be resolved quickly. 

Karin Pfister

Hi Wendy,

no I haven't tried that yet as I've read several posts of people doing this and it has not fixed the problem. Happy to try that though if there is no other solution. I've seen comments like "try resizing the background image" which I may try as well. We have several large sized images in the storyline, as well as audio tracks inserted as mp3. I'm not sure if it's just all too much for Storyline to handle, being a large storyline (50+ slides) and all. 

Here is a link to the storyline as it is now:

If you click on the PPE menu item and click the "next" button till you get to the audio slide you will see it stop suddenly and then the menu and every button become nonresponsive.


Karin Pfister

Yes that would be great. I also created a Pause/ play button that works the first time you click on it, then once you have clicked the "replay" button, the pause/play button only works the second time you click it. I'm thinking it has to do with the true/false toggling of the variable. Maybe have a look at that too. Thank you so much!!

Karin Pfister

Ok, let me look at it again tomorrow and get back to you... I'm thinking I need to replace the web object (which is the audio file embedded in our Sharestream media server) with the mp3 of the audio. And I"m thinking I need to break the audio into two parts and put on both layers. So when you are playing it does the audio cut off when it goes to the new layer?

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