Articulate Storyline 2 - Slide keeps freezing when previewing and published

Jan 29, 2015

Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem or knew how to fix it:

When I preview or publish my story, it gets to a certain slide, I click next to continue and everything freezes. I can't click anything on the player or the slide.

I tried cutting the slide out of the story to see if it was a problem with the slide itself - it just froze on the earlier slide instead.

I also tried cutting and pasting the entire story into a new file - same thing - still froze at the same place.

Can anyone help me?

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Karin Pfister

All I can figure out is that it was related to the web object (which was the audio) being cut off mid-slide as I had a time trigger going to the next layer. As soon as it moved to the new layer everything froze. So I replaced the web object with an mp3 of the audio, split the audio into two parts, put one on first slide and second bit on the second layer and now it all works fine. 

I also fixed issues with my play/pause button by setting a trigger (first trigger in list) on each slide with audio to "adjust variable" to false at the beginning of every slide. (False being that "pause" is false- meaning the audio is playing.) Everything working great now! So happy! Thank you both for all your help!

Caitlin Smith

Hi, I'm experiencing a similar issue on a Storyline2 file that was functioning fine in the LMS until about a few days ago and started freezing on a certain slide. I turned off the restricted navigation and turned off the triggers on the slide that was freezing (just allowing the user to click "next" and skip the slide layers), but it is still freezing when I am testing it. It freezes specifically when the user clicks "next.". It is the "social media tips" slide toward the end. I'm all out of ideas. Can you help? 

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