Articulate Storyline 2 - Slide keeps freezing when previewing and published

Jan 29, 2015

Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem or knew how to fix it:

When I preview or publish my story, it gets to a certain slide, I click next to continue and everything freezes. I can't click anything on the player or the slide.

I tried cutting the slide out of the story to see if it was a problem with the slide itself - it just froze on the earlier slide instead.

I also tried cutting and pasting the entire story into a new file - same thing - still froze at the same place.

Can anyone help me?

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Caitlin Smith

Hello! I received some feedback after submitting this problem and Eloise suggested recreating the Engage interaction because Storyline isn't recognizing it as an Engage slide. The trouble is I've switched computers multiple times and I can't find the original template. It was on the "social media tips" slide. Is there a place where I can re-download all of the pre-built Engage/Presenter templates that should have come with the Articulate Studio package? I saw some instructions on how to add tabs to engagements like this one, but they didn't offer a place to download them. Here's an example:

Jennifer Albat

Hi, thanks Leslie. I put in a case and Victor was able to determine it was a bad text box. All better!

Thanks for checking in. Your support team rocks!

Jennifer Albat
Instructional Designer
Instructional Design & Learning Technologies
Information Technology Services
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Lovejoy Library, Room 0033J

Chad Wonderly


I am also encountering this problem.  Slide 1.35 plays correctly, but then the loading icon pops up and the entire story freezes on the transition to slide 1.36. It worked correctly a few days ago, but now the preview and publish both freeze in that spot.  I deleted the prior text box and rebuilt it, rebuilt the triggers, removed each image and then restored it but nothing seems to work.  One thing I noticed is the trigger keeps defaulting to a Slide Trigger instead of  Player Trigger.  Not certain if that means anything, as other slides have done this as well but still transition correctly. 

I also cannot jump past this slide to see if the remaining slides are working correctly. I've attached the storyline file.

Thank you,

Chad Wonderly

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