Articulate Tin Can courses don't like Google Drive or Articulate's Tempshare

Dec 03, 2015

I published a few courses as Tin Can (Studio 13 and Storyline 2) and wanted to test it first in Google Drive, but the result is not what I expected. This is the screen that I got after uploaded the same course to Google Drive and Tempshare.



I'm not sure what's wrong with Tin Can courses, anyone familiar with this? I thought it would be as easy as publish as Web.

The reason that I'm doing this, because I want to test attachment and resources.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Virak!

If the URL string sent to the Tin Can API content by your learning management system (LMS) is incorrect or invalid, you'll encounter the following error message:

"Configuration data is missing or incorrect"

See this article for more information.

If you are publishing to LMS, but wish to test the contents, I would advise doing so in SCORM Cloud.

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