audio not playing in Storyline

Jul 11, 2015

I edited the audio in Audacity, as usual, and imported into course but no sound is playing. I can hear it fine in Audacity. Any ideas?

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Mike Enders

Hi Pamela,

Here are a list of things to quickly check:

1. The audio file needs to be exported from Audacity in a format that Storyline can read. If you're recording/editing in Audacity and saving the file (it will have an .AUP extension) and then trying to bring that file into Storyline, it won't work.

2. It might be the audio file format that is output from Audacity. Here's a link with more information no audio formats exported from Audacity.

3. Barring any issue with the first two, I'm wondering if there are any triggers in your file that are causing an issue. For example, if you insert audio onto your timeline and then add a trigger to play the audio, it's possible that trigger isn't firing and, hence, the audio isn't playing.

With all of that said....

If you're able/willing, please attach one of your audio files (that isn't working) to this thread and we can take test the file on our end to help you out!


Mike Enders

Hi Pam,

When I preview the file, the audio plays fine. I'm not seeing anything out of the ordinary.

One thought...

It looks like you did add triggers (Play media, Stop Media) to the audio in this file:

Are you, by chance, clicking on the play button on the bottom of the timeline to preview?

If so, then the audio won't play if you're using the triggers since the triggers aren't active when you're using the timeline play button.




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