Audio on Master Slide Issue

Jul 31, 2018

I'm having an issue with audio not playing when my file is uploaded to our LMS.

I've placed audio, an mp3 file on the Master Slide. All works fine when played locally. However, when it's uploaded to the LMS, the audio plays for about .5 seconds and then stops.

I've attached a sample file demonstrating the problem. The first slide has the audio on the Master Slide. The second slide has the audio on the slide itself. This slide plays as expected on the LMS.

I'm using SL360 and viewing the project using Chrome. It works as expected on Explorer. I've published it using HTML5 with Flash Backup and also HTML5 only and had the same results.

Is there a way to make the audio play from the Master Slide when uploaded to the LMS on both Chrome and Explorer? This would be extremely helpful as it would greatly reduce development time.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Lynn,

A standard feature to add in background audio has been a common feature request and I've added this conversation to that report as we track requests.

Sounds like you're just experiencing an issue in the HTML5 output, which is what I've seen others report as well. Perhaps the user solutions shared here in this thread will be able to help you out as I've seen specific talk about HTML5.

Lynn Kepford

Hi Leslie. Thanks for getting back to me and for the link to the thread. My issue is a bit different. I want to play the audio on individual slides (the quizzing slides) only. It seems that placing the audio on the master slide should work. It works when played locally. However,  the audio plays for about .5 seconds and then stops when it's uploaded to the LMS.

Leslie McKerchie

Sorry that I misunderstood Lynn. Thanks for reaching back out to clarify.

I took a look at your course and noticed that the audio was really low. I adjusted this volume for testing and it seems to be working for me in Chrome.

Can you check this link to see if it's working for you?

Attaching your files for future reference if needed.

Lynn Kepford

Thanks again for taking a look at this. I checked the link and it worked fine. Then I uploaded the zip file you sent me to our LMS and it also worked fine. Then I republished the story file you sent, zipped it up and uploaded that to our LMS. The results were the same as described above. The audio played briefly and stopped. I'm thinking there is probably something different about the publishing settings we're using. I've attached a screenshot of my settings. I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd take a look and see if you can identify what's causing the problem.

Lynn Kepford

Both are good ideas. Sadly, neither solves the problem. I actually saved your file to the same location as the one I uploaded. But to be sure, I saved the file you sent to the desktop, republished and zipped it. However, when the file I zipped was uploaded to the LMS the results were the same. The audio on slide 1, the one with the audio on the master slide played for about .5 seconds and stopped. 

Lynn Kepford

It is very strange.

It would be problematic to have you access it from the LMS because it's not published on the LMS. Publishing it makes it available for all users--something I don't want to do. 

I've uploaded my file to SCORM Cloud:

It functions the same way here as it does on the LMS. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Lynn for sharing that link. 

I experienced what you've described as well - but again it's truly odd as Leslie's link still works normally for me, and you've now tested our published output by uploading too to see this odd behavior. I can't see anything else that we would have done differently. 

Although the issue in your other discussion sounds like the same thing is happening, I don't believe it's connected as that would mean the issue would have also happened on Leslie's version.

I'm going to open a support case for you to connect you with our Senior support engineers so that they can dig into this further. Please keep your eyes peeled for an email from

Jodi M. Sansone

I was wondering what the status is on fixing this glitch.  I have just republished files from 2017 using the new modern player and the media/music I have running on the master slide starts and then stops when I publish to the web or LMS.  I have had to resort to putting audio on every slide which increases the size of my files by a lot.    This is really a big issue for me since I like to use audio on the master.

Jodi M. Sansone

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for answering. It would be great to have one piece of audio play across multiple slides, but I understand Storyline does not support that without some javascripting.  I've read all the threads on how to do that but it never works for me.

What I am describing now is having a slide master with audio on it that plays and then repeats.  It works fine locally.  When I publish my file, the audio on the master starts and then stops.  It's annoying because then I have to put the audio on every slide which bulks up my file.  Playing audio on a master used to work in a previous version of Storyline--maybe 2.  Once I started using 360 it never worked right again.  I only noticed it today because I am republishing some old stories from 2016 and they are not working correctly.  


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jodi,

Thanks for clarifying your setup! Now I better understand what you're seeing. This should still work in Storyline 360 as it did in Storyline 2.

You mentioned that when you publish the file, the audio on the master starts and then stops. Where are you hosting the published output to test it? Is it on Review 360, on a web server, or on a LMS?

I'd like to do some more testing on my side, as well. What triggers are you using on the slide master to make the audio repeat?

CT  Learning

I am having the same exact issue.  I have a master slide with an mp3 that is triggered to play when the timeline starts on the master slide.  works fine in preview, but plays for like only .5 seconds when uploaded to articulate review or an LMS.  

So I would love for that bug to be fixed.  Also it would be great if storyline didn't physically copy a sound file (for example a mouse over sound) as many times as there are slides.  there NEEDS to be a library or something added, it only makes since to use the SAME file when we are talking about web based stuff.

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