Browser Spell Check Not Working

Hi there

I've noticed: if a user spells something wrong the red squiggly underline comes up, but the user is unable to right-click and see the suggested spelling; unless they're using Internet Explorer.

  • It doesn't matter if I try publishing my file as LMS, Web, or Review 360. All publishing methods work only on Internet Explorer
  • I've tested my file on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari as well, but was unable to right click on the misspelled word 

Is there any work around that anyone knows of?

Thank you!


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Katie Riggio

Hello, Ali. Happy first post!

I haven't seen this behavior before, and appreciate you bringing it up. After consulting with our team on this, there is not a built-in way to control and view browser-based attributes like this one in Storyline's published output and Player.

Fortunately, there are tons of crafty folks here who might have accomplished this somehow. I'll open the floor to them!

For now, I'm going to submit a Feature Request on your behalf so we can keep you updated with any news on such a function!

John Curran

I've also noticed that if you get learners to type an answer and it is incorrectly spelled then in the feedback layer the red underlines still appear through from the base layer (but the words themselves don't). Some additional work needs to be done to sort this spell check behaviour which I guess is built into the browser?

Can we force the spell check to OFF?

Marlene Koch

I have exactly the same problem John described. I inserted a SL block in Rise and ask the user to type into a text entry field and then click a button. The button opens a new layer over the original text entry. The words get covered, the red underline doesn`t.

I don`t experience this in my Firefox browser, where I don`t have an active spelling check, but in my edge browser, where I do have a spelling check.

Since you`re still working on this bug, I thought I share this part of my project as well. Might be helpful.

I`m looking forward to a solution :)

alex murzaku

I am adding my +1 for this issue. When clicking on the misspelled word, the whole word is selected. Right-clicking does not bring up the browser's spell check. However, by going through the browser Edit/Substitutions menu, the option to correct the misspelled word is presented and, if you select a substitution, the misspelled word is replaced.

It appears that the Storyline player disables the right click ability. This is consistent among both Chrome and Safari. Maybe this is related: