BUG - Base >> Main Background Bottom Color changes when Re-opening Player Settings

Mar 04, 2020


I am using the latest version of Storyline 3.

I am attempting to use two colors (top and bottom) for the Base >> Main Background to create a gradient effect in the player. The top color is WHITE and the bottom color is BLUE.

After saving the Player settings the changes take effect when publishing or previewing. HOWEVER, as soon as I re-open the Player settings, the Bottom color immediately changes to black. This happens EVERY single time. I've attempted to save the new colors as a new "Color Scheme" and as a new 'Player name" but neither helps.

I've added some screenshots so you can see what I mean. I've also attached the project file in case that helps.

I really need this to work reliably because I've got some stakeholders who want to change the interface colors for all of our lessons of which there are hundreds.

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Debbie Chaddock

I am having the same problem. I even tried saving the updated color scheme under a new name before saving the Player, but that didn't help. I thought it was fixed because I was able to preview and publish successfully, but when I returned to the Player editor, the 2nd gradient color reverted to gray/black. It seems that the only gradient colors that SL3 allows for Base >> Main Background is white to black. I tried different colors and transparency levels, but the 2nd gradient color still reverted to gray/black whenever I re-open the Player editor.  

I hope Articulate can fix this bug!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Mike and Debbie,

Thanks for contacting us and sharing the details of what you are running into along with the troubleshooting you've done so far.

I'm able to replicate this issue in Storyline 3 as well and have confirmed that it's been shared with our team for further investigation. 

In the meantime, let's see if this workaround using a custom eyedropper color with 0% transparency gets you back up and running.

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