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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon Zio, and thanks for taking the time to report this behavior!

A quick Google search for images with white backgrounds results in this .png image and this .gif image.  When I insert them into a .story project file, I'm not seeing any unexpected black borders in the resulting published output.

If you can reproduce this with a specific PNG/GIF image, would you mind sending it to us as part of a Support Case so that we can take a closer look?  Thanks!

Justin Grenier

Hi, Zio.

I'm no Graphic Designer, but it appears that 8-bit PNG images are hard to come by, and here is the first one I found via a Google Image Search (please excuse the silliness).

Here is the resulting .story project file, and here are the published results.  Again, no unexpected black borders.

I certainly believe that you are experiencing the problem, but I just can't reproduce it with an independent image.  To this end, I'd like to ask that you send us one of your images so that we can take a closer look.  Thanks!

Zio Fonta

thanks Justin, here attached is the example of the image i used. Sometimes it generates that strange border depending on the position you put the image in the screen.

It happened to me several time also using some logo in png8 or gif with no transparency (white background)

Steve Smart

Hi -

Just to say I've experienced the same problem with png files.  I have a screengrab widget which must save to png8 I guess, as I notice the problem when using the widget's output.  Here's an example - if I drop this into Storyline, the iPad player version has a faint hairline around it - both preview and desktop web based version seem ok. 

...interestingly, I notice that the image above has a grey hairline also.  I checked the file Photoshop - it is an 8bit png, and white all the way to the edge. I converted it to a 16bit png, resaved, reimported to Storyline, republished, and the irksome hairline in the iPad player version went away.  

So looks like you're both right - perhaps a problem with the output of 8bit pngs to ipad player?