Button Hover Crashes In IE11 On Slides with Audio in Storyline 3 HTML Only Ouput

Hi all!

Wondering if anyone has had this issue, and discovered a more elegant work around?

I'm currently in the process of changing several courses from Flash output to HTML5, and I've noticed a few minor issues, but one in particular is very bothersome.  I've found that, in IE11 (not in Safari or Chrome) when a slide contains audio, and has a button with a hover state, hovering over that button before the audio completes will crash the course.  Right now my solution was just to remove the hover state, which is far from ideal.  I assume it would also work to disable the button until the audio completes, which isn't an option for this project.

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Jenn Barnett-Russell

It seems to work if you create a new button, but I'm not sure that this would be an efficient solution to my issue, as it would impact hundreds of buttons with different timing and formatting across several hours of training. (will check if format painting a new one onto a old one works though and report back if it does) :( I'm really going to work on trying to get my company to move to Chrome - IE11 frankly has a lot of issues!

Matthew Bibby

Thanks for the additional info, Jenn.

Were these courses originally build in SL2 and upgraded to SL3? 

Another thing to check is if importing the project into a fresh Storyline file fixes things. It might sort all the buttons out at once for you.

And yes, Internet Explorer sucks! But even so, it shouldn't be crashing in this manner. It might be a good idea to reach out to support and share with them a sample one of your problematic files so they can look into why this issue occurred.