Buttons not working in Windows 10

I recently upgraded my computer wo Windows 10.  Now when I access a course within our LMS, the buttons (created with the buttons under Controls) do not work. They were working when I was using Windows 7.  I have tried this in Chrome and in IE and it still doesn't work. 

Is there something I need to do when I publish my courses to make them compatible with Windows 10?

Please advise.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Clint,

I can't think of anything within Windows 10 that would prevent you from accessing the buttons in a published course - did you confirm if your LMS system supports Windows 10 and those specific browser versions? Our system requirements for viewing content are detailed here.  Since it seems to be new within Windows 10 you could also look at testing the content in another web server or LMS, and SCORM Cloud is a good testing platform for LMS content as it's a free industry standard. You could use the article here as a step by step guide for testing.