Can't save because system is low on resources...workaround

As I have been working on a project and it has grown, I have been encountering a message that my system is low on resources. As a reult, I can't save my work. Frusrating. I have discovered what seems like a bug related to this. If I don't save frequently, the ram being used by the program grows from about 400mb when I launch my file until it exceeds the memory limits (around 950mb) that point I can no longer save and I lose all my work. If I close storyline and reopen, the ram drops back down to around 400mb, and I can continue working.

My solution is to keep task manager open and watch the ram usage...At first I couldn't believe that they would make this a 32bit app and open to all the memory limittions. Now, however, I m thinking this must be a bug in the handling of memory resources....(I am not a programmer, but this seems pretty clear).

Thought I would share this because I was getting very frustrated and was concened that I wouldn't be able to finih the project.  My coping solution seems to at least make the program useable again.


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